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Teeth Whitening: A Starter Guide

Published on September 22, 2015

Teeth whitening is a particularly hot topic in dentistry, and likely always will be. Everyone wants their pearly whites to be, well, pearly white. But with all the products out there advertising teeth whitening, it’s difficult to really understand what works and what doesn’t. We here at Alpha Dental Family Dentistry in Nashua can help you prioritize your options for teeth whitening.

Talk to Your DentistTalk to Your Dentist

You need to find out what it is that’s affecting your tooth color first, be it enamel degradation or staining through drinking caffeine or eating dyed foods. Starting with the right diagnosis is crucial to finding out what you need to eliminating that unsightly yellow color, or just making sure your teeth are as bright as possible. Dr. Saeed Ahmed with the team at Alpha Dental in Nashua will be able to give you specific recommendations and prescriptions on products that our knowledgeable team has proven to work with results over the several years of practice. We will be able to give you insightful recommendations for practices and products specific to your mouth’s needs.

Understand Why Your Teeth Are Yellowing

Teeth become yellow primarily because of changes to the enamel surrounding your teeth. The enamel layer is naturally white; you’ll notice that kids’ teeth are bright white when they first come out, coated in plenty of undamaged white enamel. Over time, naturally, the protective enamel will degrade to reveal the under layer, dentin. Dentin is, depending on heredity, naturally yellow or bluish grey, and will discolor the look of your teeth if too much enamel is degraded. You can slow this degradation at home by avoiding highly acidic foods like sodas that react with the enamel cause it to thin.

Very many foods and drinks, like wine, coffee, candies, and curries can stain your tooth enamel and dentin. This is especially true if hard candies are left in your mouth for an extended period of time. You might note that all of the above normally leave lasting stains on your clothes or your carpets when spilled on them, and this is a good indicator for what you should try to avoid eating too often.

Another serious cause of teeth yellowing is unfortunately something that should be the easiest to solve: bacterial plaque. Plaque is a thin, slimy film of bacteria on your teeth and gums that feeds off of both your enamel and the food you eat, especially simpler sugars. Plaque builds up when your brushing schedules are irregular and not thorough enough, often in places your brush might not be able to reach.

Brush Regularly Yes, We’re Serious

Unfortunately, many people may not take brushing their teeth as seriously as other alternatives, or might just not have the time to have a rigid and consistent schedule. But if you care about the whiteness of your teeth, and overall oral health (which everyone should!), establishing a disciplined and thorough brushing schedule at least once after every meal is the best practice for keeping your teeth shiny. Brushing teeth after meals helps quickly and thoroughly wash away any potential corrosive food particles that will damage your teeth if left in your mouth all day.

Flossing is also extremely important for getting rid of plaque, especially in places where brushes can’t reach. This doesn’t have to be done nearly as often as brushing, but should still be done at least once per day to ensure you’re getting all of that plaque out of your gums and teeth.

Dr. Ahmed and our team can suggest different brushes, toothpastes, and other products to help with this based on your situation. Don’t go blind into caring for your teeth. Ask us for help, it’ll make things easier.

Consider Zoom Teeth WhiteningConsider Zoom Teeth Whitening

Sometimes, when you’ve tried all your home remedies for teeth whitening and established all your good practices, your teeth just aren’t shining the way you want them. If this sounds like you, Dr. Ahmed and his team might recommend the Zoom Teeth Whitening system to get your teeth positively glowing. This is a cutting edge new cosmetic whitening technology with lasting results, though it’ll require repeated visits and regular checkups at the office. Zoom whitening more often directly produces visibly whiter teeth within just one session at the office.

Feel free to call or make an appointment to discuss more strategies for whitening your teeth with our team at Alpha Dental in Nashua, NH, and our friendly and professional team will make sure you’re happy with how your teeth shine. Just remember to brush your teeth before coming.

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