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Tooth Fillings: Composite or Metal?

Tooth fillings are typically applied when Dr. Ahmed detects tooth decay in order to preserve the tooth. In earlier generations, the only way to do this was with metal tooth fillings. While the material did save teeth, some people didn’t like having metal fillings because it attracted too much negative attention to their mouth.

Others had concerns about the safety of having metal in their mouth for several decades. Composite tooth fillings, also called tooth-colored fillings, address both of these concerns, and is now a widely available option.

The staff at Alpha Dental in Nashua, New Hampshire use clear fillings that closely match the color of your teeth. This improves your aesthetics while providing the restoration you need at the same time. We automatically offer composite fillings to our patients when they need to have a cavity filled. You can also elect to have your current metal fillings replaced by tooth-colored ones. If the metal in your mouth makes you hesitant to smile, replacing it with a more natural material will eliminate that problem. Composite fillings also offer additional benefits besides an improved teeth appearance.

Important Advantages of Metal-Free Tooth Fillings

When you have a clear tooth filling, it’s virtually impossible for others to notice it. This isn’t the case with metal fillings. Not only do they make your affected teeth stand out, they can also blacken over time and become even more noticeable. Other benefits of choosing composite fillings include:

composite filling

  • Since these types of fillings don’t chip or leak, there’s no concern about possible infection years from now. Although rare, this has happened to people after many years of having traditional metal fillings applied to their teeth.
  • In addition to preventing further tooth decay, clear fillings can strengthen your tooth. Dr. Ahmed uses a plastic mixture of silicon dioxide when attaching your new filling. This stabilizes and adds strength to the tooth.
  • Metal fillings conduct extreme hot and cold temperatures, which means that you could experience extra sensitivity in filled teeth. The silicon dioxide in composite fillings does not affect temperature or sensitivity at all.
  • Composite tooth fillings harden within minutes, unlike traditional tooth fillings that may take several hours. This allows you to leave the appointment much sooner and without the discomfort that metal fillings can cause.
  • Composite tooth fillings are compatible with dental sealants. Your dentist can even perform both procedures at the same time.

Tooth Decay Doesn’t Have to Mean the End of Your Beautiful Smile

Sometimes tooth decay still happens in spite of proper attention to oral hygiene. If you need a cavity filled, composite tooth fillings are the way to go. We encourage you to contact Alpha Dental with additional questions or to schedule an appointment to receive a composite filling.

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